Starbucks tweet leaves bitter taste

Proving that one should always think before tweeting, Starbucks has angered followers of its Irish Twitter account.


In a tweet meant only for UK customers, but that went to customers in the Republic of Ireland by mistake, Starbucks invited followers to show what makes them “proud to be British”.


Needless to say, the tweet, as part of a Diamond Jubilee promotion – did not go down well with the company’s 2,000 Irish followers, according to reports.


The faux pas highlights that with social media, there really is no “undo” button, so it really is rather important to check that all is as it should be, before clicking the “Tweet” button.


In an instant, the damage was done. All Starbucks could do, was apologise.


“We apologise to all our customers and followers on Twitter in Ireland and hope that they will forgive our mistake,” the company tweeted.


Downtime notes that social media may be a powerfully positive tool, but Starbucks has shown that it can be powerfully negative too when mistakes are made.

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