Stand clear of the doors, they may be on fire

A fire in Australia. What’s the problem?… it was probably a barbie out of control. Well not this time. This one involved a computer and the midnight express waiting at platform one.

Downtime draws your attention to the recent fire that damaged a computer control room in a railway station in Melbourne.

The fire started about 11.10pm, according to local police – although if the railways in Oz are anything like the ones in the UK, this would probably have been around 11.55pm.

“A train was at the platform at the time of the fire and when rail staff became aware of it the train was moved from the station,” Victoria Police’s Senior Constable Wayne Wilson told

Commuters were apparently in no danger from the fire, although the station’s electronic display boards allegedly displayed “Death to the Human Race: On Time” shortly before the fire broke out could mean the rise of the machines is not far off.