Space station virus alive and kicking

News last week that a computer virus has found its way to the International Space Station will surely make millions for Hollywood film producers.

Forget Kubrick’s 2001 or the series of Alien movies that have graced the big screen, soon their will be a film going by the catchy name Gammima.AG.

The worm, which was first detected on earth a year ago, sits on computers and takes login names from users.

The virus got to the space station on laptops used by the astronauts. These laptops were used to run nutritional programs.

Downtime has a film idea.  A notorious hacker sitting in a high security prison is dragged from his cell and taken to the space station to save the world from the virus. His knowledge of hacking techniques is valuable in the race against time to stop the menus being tampered with putting at risk the health of the world’s space elite and opening the human race up to extraterrestrial attack.

He save the day and is repatriated to his home nation, where he receives a knighthood and gets the girl.