Social media will be usurped by anti-social media as pervasive computing gathers pace

Those smart techies are at it again. Computer Science academics at City University London are working on pervasive computing and have already got a few products up and running.

There are rings that can transmit emotions between loved ones, plastic lips that can transmit a kiss over mobile networks, huggable jackets to enable parents to hug kids if they are being bullied at boarding school and tastes and smells that can be transmitted via the phone.

Downtime worries that this could spell the end of the era of social media. Like dinosaurs it will be overtaken by its more adaptable and life like successor, anti-social media. The great think about social media is the fact it’s a leveler. The shiest people as well as the most unpopular can amass millions of ‘friends.’

But pervasive computing will change this. The practice of just ignoring someone’s tweets will become obsolete when they can send you a fart via your mobile phone.