Smartphones lack smart users

Most smartphones lack smart users a survey by mobile security firm Lookout has revealed, with 52% of people who claimed to be security savvy admitting they do not read privacy policies for mobile apps.
Just over a third of smartphone users polled said they did not set up a passcode password to protect their devices, and 35% admitted downloading apps from untrusted sources.
Familiarity breeds false confidence, it seems, with those claiming to be privacy experts revealing themselves to be more likely to take risks like using unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
As Buzz Aldrin observed during television coverage of the recent solar eclipse, the computing power in most smartphones far exceeds that of the computers used for the Apollo 11 space mission to the moon.
Smartphones are prime targets for cyber criminals too because of all the personal data store and corporate IT systems they can access, yet most people do little or nothing to secure them. 

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