Skyped Sunderland burglar jailed

Burglary 101: Always check there are no computing devices in the room before liberating any of the goods because someone may just be watching.


That’s the painful and embarrassing lesson learned by a would-be Sunderland burglar Ricky Elliott when he broke into student Effrosyni Leventi’s bedroom while she was in the kitchen.


While Elliott was searching the room for goods to steal, he was being watched by Leventi’s friend Asterios Kokkinis who was waiting for her to return to their Skype video call.


Realising he was witnessing a burglary, Kokkinis started capturing images of Elliot in action until he decided to steal  the laptop being used for the Skype call.


Elliot, who had 142 previous convictions, was arrested soon afterwards and later jailed for 29 months as Kokkinis was able to send Leventi the captured images, which she took to the police as evidence.

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