Silk worms spin self-destructing spy cameras

So when a press release about silk material and self-destructing spy cameras landed in the Computer Weekly inbox, we thought it may have been intended for 007’s boss ‘M’ and sent to us by mistake.
While most people think of silk as a luxury material for clothing? In fact it also has techy properties allowing it to coat electronics leading to a “new generation of spy cameras” by helping to control the lifespan of devices and help them to degrade at a certain rate
The US military funded the research which could be significant in the creation of self-destructing spy cameras, environmentally friendly electronic devices, and implants which break down in the body and leave no residue behind.
Surely playing on the back of the new James Bond film, the press release stated: 
“As the funding for the project came from a US military research agency, it goes without saying that the intended uses for the new devices are highly classified, but it doesn’t take a superspy or super villain’s intellect to imagine the ways in which these inventions might be utilised in the future.”
So stock up on your silk pyjamas because our poor little silk worms have to work extra hard to produce enough of the stuff to cover all of Bond’s gadgets in the future, and they might be knackered by the time they’re finished with MI6’s order.
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