Shopping trolleys with built in iPad docks coming to a supermarket near you?

Sky and Sainsbury’s are here to rescue of all of us who are forced to meander aimlessly around supermarkets at the weekend, dragged away from the sofa and the lure of the beautiful game.

A Sainsbury’s store on Cromwell Road, West London, is trialing a trolley fitted with a solar-powered iPad dock and speakers. All you need to watch Premier League stars dribble skillfully down the wing, whilst you drag your feet down the fruit and veg aisle, is your own iPad and the Sky Go app.

As you become more engrossed in what you’re watching you would imagine that one immediate problem this could throw up is the potential to lose focus and control of a trolley, which aren’t easy to control at the best of times. However, Sainsbury’s have got this covered. two words…. proximity sensors.

We’re unsure as to whether little beeps would be adequate enough to prevent you from mowing down an unsuspecting child who’s wandering around but it’s better than nothing.


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