Self destruction service

If there is anything worse than waiting in the queue at the Post Office, it is using its new self service machine. First there are three staff – who would normally be behind the counter – keying in PIN numbers, because the Post Office doesn’t trust you to buy a stamp on self service. Then there is the question of whether your package contains any of the following:

  • Biological Weapons of mass destruction
  • Chemical Weapons of mass destruction
  • Nuclear Fission Weapons of mass destruction
  • Deodorant Weapons of mass destruction
  • Shampoo Weapons of mass destruction
  • eBay sales Weapons of mass destruction
  • eBay returns Weapons of mass destruction
  • The thing I accidentally bough last night when I couldn’t get to sleep Weapons of mass destruction
The list goes on and on… and then you say “Yup, I don’t think I am trying to send any of those.” Or was I supposed to click on “No?”