Security quote of the week

Here at Downtime, we seem to get inundated by people who give their two bit’s worth whenever there there is something security related. Here’s this week’s Top Five:

1. Lancope CTO, TK Keanini, on Anthem 
Changing your DNA is not an option – if only gingers were in
2. Tom Neaves, managing consultant at Trustwave
C-level executives must take a proactive approach to understanding the risks facing their businesses – or you’ll end up like Alan Sugar
3. Dr. Martyn Jeffries, Head of Automotive Solutions at SQS on BMW hack
Automotive manufacturers need to build increasingly sophisticated ‘computers on wheels’ – or perhaps buy lighter laptops
4. Richard Moulds, VP Strategy, Thales e-Security
The Bitcoin community can sometimes look like the Wild West of payments –  Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch
5. Francois Daumard, Vice President Global Channel Sales, AVG Technologies, on an AVG award
Our vision is to make the lives of MSPs and their business customers as easy as possible – maybe that’s why they should do shake ‘n vac