Scared? Oh, I'm bricking it

One man’s damning review of an internet-enabled garage door device has seen its capricious creator weigh in and block him from using it.

Garadget founder Denis Grisak, who responded to the irate user of his app-controlled product by announcing the bricking of his device, has since admitted it might not have been the best PR move.

Grisak, voiced in this promotional video by Kermit the Frog to soften all evidence of him being the Quentin Tarantino of the internet of things, is clearly a proud man. He was hurt that a customer would criticise his baby before allowing him the chance to assist with the problem. But why does he expect his user base to show relentless patience and grace in this instant, remote world of faceless trolling?

Society wouldn’t function if this behaviour became in any way normal. It would spell utter chaos if we accepted this hostile loop of touchy suppliers shutting down stroppy customers, and up with it we will not put.

If his presumed dream of garage door paranoia (which is a bit of a niche as it is) being quelled worldwide with his product can ever come true, he’s going to first have to learn to deal with meanies, oafs, dunderheads and louts; because we can tell him right now, they coexist exclusively on the Venn diagram crossover with the people who might need help with fundamental tasks like not leaving large sections of their homes wide open.