Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run

Picture this everyday scenario. One day you get a phone call from your neighbours asking if you’d like to look after their pet rabbit, Smokey, while they sun it up in the Maldives. You realise it would be rude to say no – and, besides, there is bound to be a cheap bottle of wine at the end of the job to compensate for your efforts shovelling bunny excrement.

So you gleefully accept. But things don’t go according to plan. You arrive in the neighbours’ garden one evening to find the rabbit has broken free. By now it’s either wedged in the radiator of the local boy racer’s Corsa or has migrated abroad to escape the current hutch crisis plaguing the UK – Peter Rabbit never rented, so why the hell should Smokey? 

Now you’re faced with two choices: Admit your negligence and suffer the consequences (no crap wine, and dirty looks from your neighbours forevermore) or find a similar-looking rabbit with which to replace the old one.

In the olden days, the latter option would have involved traversing the country, visiting every pet shop in search of that one white bunny rabbit with a black patch above its arse. But now – you guessed it – there’s a new app that can help you out. PetMatch uses image-recognition technology to match pictures of pets to an adoption database, to help people replace their beloved dead pets. 

So, maybe you will get that substandard bottle of wine after all, along with your neighbours’ approval – well, until Smokey’s substitute reveals his true psychopathic colours and tears them to pieces.

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