Robot patients

Ever since watching The Terminator at an impressionable age, Downtime has a long-standing fear of the impending robot take-over.

But a new Clinical Simulation Centre in Scotland may be about to allay our concerns over the questionable good of our mechanoid friends.

Now trainee doctors at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Scotland will be able to improve their skills by practicing on hi-tech mannequins in simulated operating theatres.

The family of seven robots includes ‘Stan’, who can respond to anaesthetic gases and is used to train anaesthetists and ‘Reg’, who has a heartbeat, can give blood and describe his symptoms. There is also a baby, two children and a pregnant woman mannequin.

Let’s just hope the robot family don’t suddenly ‘wake up’ and decide to take revenge on any of the less-than-competent hospital staff that have been operating on them.