Revenge is tweet

In an attempt to prove that a tweet is mightier than a corporation, a frustrated airline passenger has bought a promoted tweet to complain about British Airways.

Unhappy about lost luggage [actually his father’s], passenger Hasan Syed used Twitter’s self-service ad platform to make the purchase, according to Mashable.

The cost of the complaining crusade was not divulged, but Marty St George, senior vice president of marketing at JetBlue Airways said Syed could be setting a new trend of airline slamming tweets.

In the first six hours since the tweet was promoted, it had garnered over 25,000 impressions only on Twitter, according to SimplyFlying.

Downtime suspects British Airways will be able to survive an occasional promoted tweet, but if a slew of similar tweets were to hit the airline, would it have the same effects as a flock of birds hitting a jet engine?

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