RFID wristbands for rocking out

Looking outside, it might be hard to believe summer has begun and the festival season is already kicking off, but technology companies are trying to remind us.

Last week Downtime told you about Vodafone’s funky umbrella that could keep you dry and charge your phone at the same time. Now, Samsung is getting in on the summer music act by introducing ticketless systems for festival goers.

Fans will be given RFID wristbands to be scanned on entry, which the backers believe will shorten queue times dramatically. Wristband wearers will also be able to use the tag to link up with social networks, enter competitions or even upgrade to VIP.

The first outing for the new technology will be at the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s one day festival at Knebworth this weekend, with other events set to follow over the course of the summer.

Shorter queues, VIP passes and the ability to show off to your friends about it? Count us in. 

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