Question: Still desperate for a HP TouchPad? Answer: Get a job at HP

HP has announced that 6000 more TouchPads are coming to the UK, however, they are only going to be offered to HP employees and partners. Talk about teasing. 

The TouchPad has been in high demand ever since HP  announced it was killing off webOS and slashed over 60 percent off the RRP for both the the 16GB and 32GB tablets, as well as the Pre3 smartphone. 

Just yesterday the American corporation revealed that, as a way of saying “thank you for choosing HP” it is offering refunds in line with the reduced prices to TouchPad owners who bought the 9.7 inch screened slate prior to the price drop.

So if you are still frantically trying to get your hands on a webOS powered tablet it seems your only option now is to practice your interview technique, apply for a job at HP, and hope for the best. Good luck.