Please delete temporary files before divorce

Gary Kessler, 52, is an associate professor of computer science at Champlain College in Burlington – and a man who strikes fear into those who forget to delete their temporary internet files.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Kessler has worked as a computer-forensics consultant in his spare time for the last five years.

“It turns out that when you use a computer almost everything you do leaves traces, and it is next to impossible to delete information from a computer,” Kessler told the paper.

Although he uses his powers in lawsuits involving hacking and embezzlement he admits most of the cases are divorce ones where the situation has turned ugly and where parties feel there is “critical information” on the computers.

Downtime is treading carefully over making a Heather Mills/Paul McCartney joke. After all who knows what footprints have been left in our temporary files…