Play us a tune?

Microsoft-backed startup Skoove has set its sights on helping aspiring piano players learn their craft by offering them online access to the “best elements” of having a real-life tutor.


According to Skoove, that means receiving real-time feedback about how well players are doing at any time of day via the web.


What the press release announcing the service’s launch neglects to mention is if this, on the flipside, also means users get to avoid one of the worst parts of dealing with a piano teacher.


And that’s perfecting your poker face so they can’t tell you’re lying when you claim to have spent all of your waking hours since your last lesson doing scales and arpeggios and practicing the intro to Three Blind Mice.


To make use of the service, which is aimed at those aged 12 and upwards, players will need to purchase a USB-connected piano, create an online profile and – provided they’re motivated enough – should be tickling the ivories like a modern-day Rubenstein in no time.


We shall see…