Persecuted sons club

Now that Interpol has made an official fugitive of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, he and Gary McKinnon can join hands as founder members of the persecuted sons club.
Interpol was responding to an arrest warrant from the Swedish police, who want Assange on sex crime charges. Assange has denied the allegations.
Interpol Red Notices also carry a warning: The person should be considered innocent until proven guilty.
Assange supporters believe the charges are trumped up to tarnish Assange’s reputation following his publication of TV footage of a US helicopter crew killing unarmed civiilans, among them, a Reuters news crew.On, and a library of documents that expose the sham that is (some) govenrment information about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Since next year is the 10th anniversary of McKinnon’s Pentagon hack, and he has still not appeared in court, let’s hope the Americans repent of their bullying rhetoric and be seen to do swifter justice to both McKinnon and Assange.
Where is Mikael Blomkvist when we need him?