Paper and the personal touch - better than email after all?

Post-it note reading better than email? stuck to a monitor displaying Outlook

Some things don’t change.

Back in the mid-80s when Bob Metcalfe and the guys at 3Com were inventing e-mail, Bob warned a conference audience that everyone would underestimate how popular it would become. Following several mailbox overflow events, he said, “I had to send everyone an e-mail saying, if it’s really urgent, come and see me or put a Post-It note on my desk.”

Twenty years later, not to be outdone, the Identity & Passport Service’s online application page warns: “Although this online form is very much easier to fill in than a paper application form, this service should not be used if you are travelling within the next four weeks.” And suggests you visit in person.

No wonder IBM stands for It’s Better Manual.