Old Macdonald had a drone...

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drones have a mixed reputation to say the least. From debates on whether they can be trusted for use in Middle East war zones to, well, debates on whether they can be trusted to deliver Amazon packages to our homes, there is an underlying uneasiness about these airborne ‘intelligent’ robots.

But, yet again, the Americans have shown us the way forward… use drones to stop your cows from getting nicked!

A stand-off between farmers in North Dakota, where one neighbour refused to return cows that had started grazing on his land, was getting rather heated. In fact, it got so hot it soon turned into an armed stand-off, with the farmer Rodney Brossart and his three sons taking on a US SWAT team in defiance to returning the cows to their rightful owner.

Enter the aptly named Predator drone. The police borrowed it from the Customs and Border Patrol to locate where on the farm Brossart was hiding out and get its teams in there to carry out their arrests.

Brossart tried to get the case thrown out saying there was no warrant issued for drone surveillance of his property but unsurprisingly the court decided to ignore him.

Perhaps this could be the answer to public services cuts in the UK. You could have a drone for each surburb, delivering post for the newly privatised Post Office, collecting rubbish more than once a month and even delivering library books as, well, there is nowhere to go to to read them any more.

And, if the government still isn’t keen on the idea, you could even train them to seek out those pesky benefit claimants, all at the fraction of the cost of a full scale army intervention.

Get on it Prime Minister!

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