Office old boy in court after sacking worker in a dream

Being sacked is never good but being told you are no longer required or not wanted by text, email or via any other modern form of communication is impersonal. Not only does it make it easy for the sacker but also removes the possibility of retaliation.

But one senior/old staffer at Downtime has taken it too far. The coward appeared in the dream of another member the team and sacked him there.

The individual has been spoken to by more senior staff and told that appearing in a colleague’s dream and sacking them is a sacking offence.

The case was taken to the European Court of Human Rights, with the individual claiming unfair dismissal on the grounds that he had no control over his actions in someone’s dream.

But the judge hearing the case said evidence suggested that the individual in question has a history of ruining the dreams of many an aspiring young recruit.