Nun expelled from convent in Spain over Facebook

A convent in Spain has expelled a 54-year-old nun for spending too much time on social networking website, Facebook.

Sister Maria Jesus Galan said on her Facebook page that she has been asked to leave the convent after disagreements over her online activities, according to reports.

But Downtime thinks the Santo Domingo el Real convent in Toledo should have considered recent events in Egypt before taking such drastic action.

Sister Maria has around 600 Facebook “friends”, and now has fan pages with thousands of supporters from around the world calling for her to be allowed back into the order.

The convent acquired a computer 10 years ago to reduce the need for nuns to enter the outside world by enabling nuns to do online banking.

Tech savvy Sister Maria, dubbed “Sister Internet” by her fellow nuns, won a government prize in 2008 for digitising the archives of the convent and making them accessible to the world.

The award made headlines and she soon had scores of friends worldwide connecting through her Facebook page.