Nowhere to hide in sight

Mobile technology means that there are very few places to hide and few excuses for not being available to friends, family, colleagues and managers.

If researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle are successful, however, it will be even harder, with text communications being continually in view, according to reports.

The research team is working on a contact lens that can be used to display text such as email messages, keeping the dreaded in-box literally in sight at all times.

Initial tests in animal trials have proved successful according to the scientists behind the project.
Early tests point towards this device being safe and feasible, or so they say.

The good news, as far as Downtime is concerned, is that this technology is some way off from being perfected as the researchers still need to find a practical way of powering the device.

At present, the crude prototype works only if it is within centimetres of the wireless battery. The prototype’s microcircuitry is also only able to support a single light-emitting diode (LED).

But, in time, no doubt driven by the need to be on top of real-time information anywhere at any time, the contact lens projector will become a reality.

When it does, the world will have to brace itself for a whole new level of real-time communications. The gaming industry is also unlikely to pass up on the opportunity of augmented reality game-play.

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