Nowhere to hide from cyber attacks

There is nowhere to hide from cyber attacks – not even the privy is safe anymore, according to security firm Kaspersky Labs.
The firm has just added toilets to the increasingly long list of hackable consumer devices it has been compiling, pointing out that warnings were issued in August. 
Application security firm Trustwave warned that the Satis smart toilet Android application contained a hard-coded BlueTooth verification code. 
The code is “0000,” and entering it could allow an attacker within BlueTooth range to manipulate some of the toilet’s features. 
Once that pin is entered, one Android device can communicate via BlueTooth with any number of Satis smart toilets in range, exposing users to remote hijacking.
While this does not appear to be life threatening, an unexpected activation of a smart loo’s bidet or air-drying function could potentially put users’ nether regions in peril.