Notes from Sutton high street

It’s amazing what you can learn about the use of technology by taking a stroll down the high street. On such a safari this week I saw at first hand two technologies, which made me question the appropriateness of advanced technology for technology sake.

On the first hand, nestling in a corner at a local supermarket, was the Money Star. This clever piece of kit converts change into real money via a token which you get converted into cash.

Is this useful? Well it is so useful I am writing a list of uses and even splitting it into business and user benefits.

Business benefits

1 – 7.9 pence profit for every pound converted.

2 – A good supply of small change for the tills.

User benefits

1 – Hours of fun for children and workers in very dull towns.

2 – Homeless people can convert copper to silver and not be embarrassed when they buy Special Brew?

Then came a more advanced technology being paraded by some local constables. Mobile CCTV. I suppose it does what it says on the tin.

But is this useful?

Just looks like a way to cut costs. One mobile CCTV camera can do the job of several permanent CCTV cameras. But what are the chances of the mobile CCTV camera being there when a pensioner gets mugged?