Not sticking to your New Year's resolution? That'll be a fiver please.

We all do it, or rather attempt to. No chocolates for three months, starting a diet and probably the most common, joining a gym. I am, of course, talking about New Year’s resolutions.

If you hadn’t already realised, and I hate myself for typing this, “there’s now an app for that”. 
However, if you don’t own an iPhone you can breathe a huge sigh of relief now as the ‘Gympact’ app is only currently available on iOS. That’s your excuse right there. 
‘Gympact’ essentially swaps the sweat you excrete at the gym for cash but, if you are naughty and skip a work out you will be penalised, with ‘Gympact’ hitting you in the second worst place possible, the wallet. 
So, you agree a pact with the app, the more days you commit the more dosh you can earn, and as long as you check in at the gym and remain there for 30 minutes, ‘Gympact’ will pay out. 
The rewards come from a community pot that is funded through fines incurred by users who have not stuck to their agreed commitment. 
So if you are an avid gym goer then here is a way to earn a little extra pocket money but for others it could be the extra motivation they need. 
One last thing, would it be cheating or pure laziness if Downtime were to check into the gym and be paid to sit in the steam room and sauna for 30 minutes? 

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