Not high-tech and hip? All you need is Necomimi

Downtime is always pleased to see technology being put to good use such as enabling fashion accessories that express the wearer’s moods.

Just in case we have lost the ability to interpret what other people are feeling, Japanese scientists have come up with a high-tech fashion accessory in the form of white ears that move according to the wearer’s thoughts and emotions, according to Reuters.

The “Necomimi” or cat’s ears in English use two brain-wave sensors to detect, interpret and communicate the emotional state of the wearer through movements.  For example, the ears shoot up with the wearer is nervous or attentive, but flatten when the wearer is relaxed.

Downtime is pleased to note that Necomimi are merely the frivolous offspin of serious neuro-control science that is being developed in labs around the world to help people who are disabled  to control devices or people who have locked ‘locked-in’ syndrome, which prevents them from communicating.

High-tech fashion junkies, however, will have to wait a while before Necomimi are available outside Japan, but they may as well start saving now, because they are not going to come cheap.