No patch for stupidity

Proving the computer security lament that there is no patch for human stupidity, three UK students have been stung in a Skype scam.

They admitted to North Yorkshire Police that they accepted a friend request on Facebook from a total stranger who claimed to be Cathy Wong, according to Toms Guide

Seeing nothing “wong” in connecting online with someone you have never met is one thing, but agreeing to perform sexual on webcam via Skype takes it to another level of stupidity.

According to North Yorkshire Police, Wong secretly recorded these acts and later used the clips to blackmail the men. Now there’s a surprise.

Wong first claimed her grandmother was ill and asked each man for £3,000  but threatened to post the videos to YouTube when they failed to come up with the money.

Police say gangs may be involved in the scam, which may have worldwide reach. In a general warning, North Yorkshire police urged users of social networking sites to be “wary of what they are getting into.” 

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