NYU, I see you: the 3rd I

As technology continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, in also continues to push the privacy boundaries as it becomes easier for people to share their lives. The latest extreme example of this is a New York University professor who has agreed to having a tiny camera has been surgically implanted into the back of his head in the name of art.

Visual artist Wafaa Bilal had the surgery for a project called “The 3rd I”, commissioned by a new museum, which opens 30 December in the Gulf state of Qatar. For a year, the camera will capture images at one-minute intervals that will be transmitted to monitors at the museum, but the university is concerned about how the artwork will impact students.

A more important question is how to protect their privacy, particularly considering that thousands of people in Germany and elsewhere have opted out of Google’s Streetview Service because of objections to it as an invasion of their privacy.