My Dead Fujitsu Esprimo 5515 less than two years old

Mark Cooper of Wolverhampton wrote in to share his experiences trying to get his laptop repaired. Its a harrowing tale. Have any other readers had similar experiences ? Let us know either by adding your comments below or emailing

I just thought I would share my Fujitsu experience with you and your readers for what can only be the worst “customer care” I have ever experienced:

I bought the Esprimo less than two years ago, woke up one morning a month ago, switched it on – nothing, completely dead! Why?

 I checked the charger lead – OK – still working.  Rang Fujitsu help line, they asked for the serial number, then promptly advised it was out of warranty.

I knew that but expected a result, only to be told I had to ring a premium line in Belfast, who had no idea what the problem was but if I got it to them they could have a go. As there was so much sensitive stuff on the hard drive I thought better of it.

I took it to the local repairer who thought it was a faulty main board  – replacement cost £300!!  Went  to another, suggested same problem – cost £150, if they could get one.

I took it to a third, he said big problem – again no idea but said expensive. Went to PC World. Would not repair it

I thought I could do this myself, by buying a new board off ebay, again £150, but noticed lots of failed Esprimos for spares or repair? All were just out of warranty – strange I thought, so contacted a few who advised they had just died like mine. I then thought the MD of Fujitsu at Bracknell should know

Fujitsu had a fault problem they were not addressing. He wrote back saying it was not his problem and I should take it up with the retailer. This I did and was told they made a charge of £35 for looking. So I still have to wait, now two weeks for a solution.

Oh, I did not mention the first two repairers also charged me £30 each for telling me it did not work, I knew that before I took it in, so I am £95 down already and still no repair.

 Although the laptop is badged Fujitsu Siemens GmbH, all the components are made in the far east or China, not in Germany as I at first thought.

The main reason why I bought it in the first place. But my main gripe is with the lack of customer care or interest at Fujitsu, Surely, a new lap from a reputable company, should last more than two years? Yes I think so but Fujitsu don’t appear to think so.

Just to try to put the issue into perspective, I have a Fujitsu desktop which I purchased in 2001, using Windows 98, which works fine even today, so is there a fundamental fault with Esprimo Laptops that Fujitsu do not acknowledge?  I think there is but worst of all Fujitsu does not care about this major problem with many of these laptops.

Downtime looks forward to hearing from Fujitsu.

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fujitsu siemens stop producing pocket pc and smartphone in 2007 because of introducing and producing new line business laptop called esprimo mobile and this was biggest company mistake . majority of esprimo laptops has very bad design and low quality so fujitsu siemens came weak in laptop industry and smartphone market grows very fast and small company like htc came huge competitor so in 2009 siemens sell it's stake in fujitsu siemens computer to fujitsu . after that fujitsu laptop getting worst in design and quality . i hope fujitsu technology solution make more better laptop in future . i hear that fujitsu stop producing esprimo laptop soon .

As you're in Wolves, does the Sale of Goods Act not apply here? Goods should last a reasonable amount of time! Write to the retailer you bought it off and sort it out with them (they're responsible). Also speak to Consumer Direct - they'll give you some good advice.



Most people don't know this but all electrical goods are warranted for 6 years in UK (Scotland 5 years) but there is a clause which says electrical goods must have a reasonable lifetime and my be different for different products

e.g. I wouldn’t expect a £10 kettle to last 6 years but I would expect my £500 TV to last 6 years.

look up sale of electrical goods act

My daughter has an HP G60-2214EM which my father bought for her going to university in March 2009. It was bought from Dixon's online with a couple of accessories (bag etc) In May, it broke down with smoke coming from the area of the power inlet when she tried to fire it up. My father has not got the receipt now and is finding difficulty locating any electronic trace as herecently changed PC himself.

My daughter took it to PC World for advice being as its part of the same group. She was told it was probabl;y the Mother Board and would cost her £279 for them to look at it for her. I'm about to go down the same line as previously mentioned with the distant seling regulations and wonder if anyone else has had any similar issue with Dixon's...fore warned being fore armed. Cheers