Microsoft red-faced over 'big boobs' in software code

Microsoft has been hit by another embarrassing disclosure that highlights a “boys club” culture at the firm.


Last year, the High Court heard claims that male executives had sexually harassed female colleagues, and in June the firm was force to apologise for promoting its cloud computing services at a conference with an all-female song and dance routine it admitted was “vulgar” and “inappropriate”.


This time, Microsoft has had to apologise after developers uncovered a reference to “big boobs” hidden in software code written by the firm, according to the Telegraph.


The controversial string: “0xB16B00B5”, a hexadecimal value, was found in software that allows Microsoft programs to work with open source operating system, Linux.


It also emerged that a similar string: “0x0B00B135” or “boobies” – appeared in an earlier version of the same code.


The revelation has prompted widespread criticism of Microsoft and debate over whether a “boys club” culture deters women from entering the software industry. 

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