Mac owners can now stink differently

Apple Mac owners tend to take this status very seriously. One only has to watch the reverence of a Mac “unboxing” on YouTube to understand that.

Such “unboxings” are usually accompanied by “oohs” and “aahs” about the smell of a brand new Apple product even before it released from its packaging.

Now, thanks to the entrepreneurial efforts of three artists in Australia, Apple fan boys may soon be able to make themselves smell just like a brand new Mac, according to reports.

Apparently, the trio in collaboration with a “scent solutions” firm Air Aroma, dispatched a brand new MacBook Pro to a French fragrance lab, where it was analysed until the perfect formula was found.

The result was “Stink Different”, but Apple fan boys may have to wait a while before they can get their hands on some.

Personally, Downtime is in no hurry to go about evoking the smell of the plastic wrap,  printed ink on the cardboard, and a factory-fresh aluminum laptop.

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