MOD leaks plugged on Wikileaks

Downtime didn’t know whether to feel insulted or honoured by the inclusion of investigative journalists among the Ministry of Defence’s list of people to defend the realm against.
The comment about us hacks appeared in Wikileaks’ copy of a 2001 46Mb MoD file, which gave chapter and verse on how to avoid information leaks.
Nuisance people, according to the MoD, include parliamentarians, foreign agents, terrorists & criminals. The document tells squaddies how to deal with leaks, sexual entrapments in Russia and China, diplomatic pouches, allies, classified documents & codewords, compromising radio and audio emissions, even computer hackers.
The MoD seemed pretty sanguine about it, noting it was an old document, so posed no security threat, but Downtime is checking into who’s guts have replaced garters in Saville Row.