Lonely heart? There may soon be an app for that.

Apple’s marketing machine is bound to go into overdrive once app developers deliver on a new iPhone patent application for a networking service that links people with shared interests.

The patent application has sparked speculation around the globe that an iPhone-based match-making app could soon be a reality.

An app using the networking technology could identify potential soul-mates based on shared interests, acting as an ice-breaker ahead of a real-world meeting, according to reports.

The patent application says the technology will enable people to find other like-minded individuals in an ad hoc network based on content and location. In this way, when two strangers meet, they can start a conversation from common interests or experiences and skip a long and awkward conversation to discover their common interests or experiences, the patent explains.

 Unlike current match-making applications, Apple’s patent is aimed at linking much more information before suggesting connections. It is also mobile, which means anyone who is using the technology can hook up with other in the same locale.

Apart from match-making, Downtime thinks the technology could go a long way to improving long, boring train or bus journeys. Rather than sitting in an uncomfortable silence, users could start up a conversation with other they know have shared interests and experiences.

Could be fun.. 

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