Lean manufacturing ? Fat chance.

A well-known IT company is rolling out lean manufacturing out across the company, writes one Computer Weekly reader. Some time ago it reached the diagnostic and support areas where the 3rd line support people sit. These are mostly people with a long track record of IT problem solving .

Here is the harrowing account of what followed…. 

Along came a Lean practictioner, he was far from lean. Had something to do with Help Desks previously.

He bought red notice boards, magnetic strips  and other stuff for each team. Stuff we hadn’t seen for years as we held all our data on er computers

We were asked to print key bits of electronically held data & pin it on these boards. Top left for team members names, etc etc in case  a passing manager wanted to see who we were & what we did.

Each team  were  told to have a 15min meeting each morning to discuss plans for the day. This was strange as our team members all sat within a few feet of each other. Some mornings we chatted about bricklaying but it looked good as we got a tick for having the meeting.

One day the Lean Practitioner decided we needed  a  Lean problem solver so they introduced a young lady who was fairly new to the company to help us problem solve. She was Lean so we quite spent some time with her!

We showed her the monitoring scripts we were writing but strangely she wasn’t around  much thereafter. Pity.

We were  asked to measure things to show progress & pin the graph to the red notice boards. Some teams made up the data to provide the illusion of improvement.

Love these wonderful new ideas