Kaspersky's sauna nights with the KGB

When it comes to kicking back after work, most people open a bottle of wine, binge-watch a favourite show on Netflix and/or hit the gym to work off some of the day’s frustrations.

Not anti-virus kingpin Eugene Kaspersky, though, who seems to have a penchant for spending his downtime in a sauna with a handful of his closest allies in the Russian intelligence services. Hmmm, cosy.

His predilection for sauna time came to light in a Bloomberg report that accused some members of the senior management team at Kaspersky Lab of passing on customer data to the Russian security services for law enforcement purposes.

“Unless Kaspersky is travelling, he rarely misses a weekly banya (sauna) night with a group of  about five-to-10 that usually includes Russian intelligence officials,” the article states.

However, Eugene’s not interested in talking shop while things get steamy, as he’s just there to hang out (ahem) with his mates. “When I go banya, they’re friends,” he told an interviewer.

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