Japanese designers hit on an uplifting scheme

The whole world is going green in an effort to help save the planet, and the IT sector doing its bit by cutting the amount of power consumed by datacentres, computer processors and the like. Japanese techno wizards may be going a bit too far, however, with their latest plan: putting solar panels into ladies’ bras. The idea is that the panels will be able to power iPods and other bits of essential electronic gadgetry. Although the idea, which is being developed by Triumph International Japan, is certainly eco-friendly, it does have certain drawbacks that make support for the bra’s further development somewhat unlikely. First among these problems is that the panels do not work unless they are exposed to light. Having said that, perhaps the designers are thinking several moves ahead – if global warming really kicks in then wearing nothing but one’s undergarments at swanky soirees may become de rigeur in Milan, darling.