Jail term for palace guardsman for dancing? Where's your sense of humour MoD?

A video of a Buckingham Palace guardsman who was marching comically and showing his dance moves has become a YouTube sensation. The video has gone viral with nearly two million views. But what’s more bizarre than the guardsman’s moves is the MoD’s reaction to it.

The three and a half minute video shows the guardsman – in his full uniform and a rifle in hand – swaying, marching in slow motion, pirouetting, bending over, kneeling down, and even dusting his rifle numerous times. 

English: Buckingham Palace Guard

Buckingham Palace Guard 

The MoD is seeking to take appropriate action against the guardsman nicknamed ‘Private Dancer’ which may include a fine of £1,000 or up to three weeks in prison. He may also have to undergo hours of physical tests and practice at a military prison in Essex’s Colchester.

Newspaper reports suggest that the Army has gone to the extent of seeking legal advice before taking action against the guardsman because currently there is no directive on how to deal with a guardsman who pirouettes.

The unidentified guardsman was perhaps just adding a little bit of fun to his otherwise boring job and playing up to the crowd. Little did he expect it to become an internet sensation and face fine. Discipline, maybe yes, but jail? Get some sense of humour MoD!

Here’s the video for your amusement: