It's all in the flick of a wrist

We have all seen enough ‘Minority Report’ films or gotten over excited enough playing the Nintendo Wii to continue to daydream about when we can control technology merely through gesture.

Yes, there have been some attempts with the likes of Kinect, but nothing to really reassure us we have full control of our technology merely through our movements.

Now, research from Newcastle University and Microsoft Research Cambridge is taking this dream a step further to reality.

It has created a sensor one can wear around the wrist which produces a 3D model of your hand, mapping finger movements and allowing you to move and control any piece of linked up technology with gestures.

Because the sensor is on your wrist, it is unlike current technology where you must be in direct range of a sensor normally placed on the TV, meaning you could leave the house with this attachment and still be able to control things on the move.

The research around the device is being focused on linking up with mobile phones and tablets, but what would you like to be able to control with gestures? 

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