It'll be alt-right on the night

Calamitous alt-right website Breitbart has been tricked into an email exchange with a prankster posing as Donald Trump’s recently dumped adviser Steve Bannon.

Under the guise of Bannon, back in the website’s bosom since being spat out of the White House, the prankster got Breitbart’s editor-in-chief Alex Marlow to engage with his emails. They wandered into the absurd when Marlow fell for the Bannon impersonator’s tale of Trump decanting wine through wife Melania’s tights.

As far as Downtime material goes – to channel the hacker’s favourite comedy icon Alan Partridge – this is all “lovely stuff”.

But it’s hardly shown Breitbart up, has it? No more, at least, than a sewer rat would mind you decanting a toilet onto it.

In that sense, the prankster, who goes by the predictably nerdy alias of Sinon Reborn, picked an easy target. This wouldn’t even make the top of Breitbart’s August blooper reel. It recently posted some claptrap about migrants on jet skis with a picture of footballer Lukas Podolski riding one during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

It’s already responded to the email hoax by saying it didn’t reveal anything it wouldn’t publish anyway. If only owing to it being an impossible task, this isn’t an organisation that can look any more ridiculous in private than it does through its daily online content.