It was the voices in his head, not Twitter, what done him

Downtime mistakenly suggested last week that the Pope’s resignation might have something to do with his use of social media tool Twitter.

Downtime apologises for this error. It turns out he is actually hearing voices in his head. He keeps saying that a voice in his head has told him to focus on a different role.

So his peers have had to sit him down and have a long chat with him and convince him that it might be time to step down. Well that’s what you would think, but it turns out that all of his colleagues are also hearing this voice in their heads.

Downtime wonders how so many people hearing voices in their heads can be retained in such responsible jobs. For us common folk it is usually a one way ticket to the asylum.

Mind you an unanswerable voice is a convenient excuse for anything if you can get away with it.