Is this why a generation of women ignored IT as a career?

Congratulations are due to the Brownies, where the charity that runs the operation, Girlguiding, has launched a new Computer Badge for seven to 10 year-olds to learn and earn.

Topics covered by the new badge include safe use of social media, basic IT security, and simple coding – all great early IT skills to hopefully set girls on a path to a career in IT.

However, the press release that announced the new badge also included a list of some of the criteria for winning the old badge, which included these challenging tasks:

  • Turn on a computer
  • Use a mouse
  • Handle CDs to keep them clean
  • Shut down the computer when you’ve finished

So a generation of women grew up thinking that IT was little more than the life of a helpdesk operator:

“Have you tried switching it on and off again?”

“You need to use the mouse – the thing with the wire coming out of it.”

“Insert the CD. The CD. No, it’s not a coaster for your coffee cup. OK, this is how you clean it…”

Suddenly Downtime understands what the women in IT movement has been missing all these years.

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