Is this connected hairbrush peak internet of things?

Whilst combing through all the emails we over the Christmas holidays, Downtime came across a hair-raising little item; L’Oreal owned Kérastase is launching an internet of things (IoT)-enabled hairbrush.

It seemed so ridiculous that we were tempted to give it the brush off, but don’t wig out, reader, it’s totally genuine, although we did have to mullet over, given all the fuss about fake news.

The beauty industry kingpin – which already invests in digital startups and runs its own incubator – is launching its brush at CES in Las Vegas (where it has already won an innovation award). It is designed to minimise the risk to your barnet from over-vigorous brushing, which can cause breakage and split ends.

By incorporating internet of things conductivity sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes, and load cells into the new brush, Kérastase says it hopes to provide users with important information on the quality of their hair and brushing patterns. Unbeweaveable!

The data collected is fed over a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a dedicated mobile app. The designers claim that by tracking how people brush, and factoring in other aspects that affect hair such as humidity and wind, they can provide “valuable” information and tips to users.

Kérastase general manager Vincent Nida waxed lyrical about the invention.

He said the business’ customers viewed their hair as an “intimate expression” of their personal identity and so he was always looking to “provide them with high quality tools and technologies that make their hair as beautiful as possible”.

“We are bringing new insights to customers’ homes for an even more bespoke hair care experience,” said Nida.

Can the internet of things get any more ridiculous? Is this just a load of old follicles? Well, if anybody would care to source Downtime a review sample, we’d happily give it a go. Maybe it’ll really gel with us.