Is Google's latest patent a joke?

Over the past few years Google has filed some ground-breaking patents, and now after almost four years the tech firm has finally been granted a patent for creating comic strips.
Perhaps it took the US Patent Office four years to figure out a reason to grant this patent, but according to London-based Google engineer Satish Kumar Sampath it is the next big thing.
Downtime would not dare to argue against the need to be able to create comic strips to communicate jokes that can be instantly integrated into any social media or electronic communication platform.
Once the vision is realised, users will be able to construct comic strips using a simple set of tools and embed them in any social media platform without having to go to a separate site to view it.
According to Sampath’s patent application this will solve the problem of plain text jokes being overlooked now that social network interfaces support audio, pictures, animation and video.
Great inventions, they say, come from identifying and responding to a need. 
The application states that there “remains a need” for a system to allow users of social to create and read comic strips directly from the corresponding social network’s user interface.  
Like the US Patents Office, Downtime may take a bit of convincing. Perhaps Sampath and Google will have the last laugh. Otherwise, the joke’s on them.