Irony – it’s like goldy and bronzey but made of iron

A reader writes to censure Downtime for slating the Wi-Fi watch.

”Usually I’m right there with you on your comments, but this time I’ve just got to take exception. As you think the Wi-Fi watch is a waste of space, imagine the following scenario. You’re in a strange place and you’re roaming around aimlessly, with your laptop out and powered up, held in your two hands looking for a Wi-Fi signal. The laptop bag swung over a shoulder, your briefcase held by your fingertips underneath the laptop. One eye on the screen looking for a signal, the other on people because crashing into someone could make you drop your laptop.”

Sadly, the substance of his critique extended to the plainly absurd inventions Downtime suggested, such as a Braille speedometer. “A Braille speedometer wouldn’t work,” he writes. “You’d have to take your hands off the steering wheel.”

Is Downtime a lost cause?