Irony breaks out at Google

Google, which in 2006 kowtowed to the Chinese government by censoring search results to Chinese internet users, is sponsoring three $10,000 prizes for contributions to online freedom of expression.

Google, in association with  Global Voices, a collective of more than 200 bloggers and citizen journalists, is looking to honour people in three categories: tools that promote freedom of expression, outstanding work on policy, and actions or reportage that contributed an important voice or argument. Nominations close on 15 February 2010.

Google has also set up a YouTube channel where internet users can upload videos and share stories about how the internet has changed the way people express themselves.

“We have set up this prize to recognise outstanding web projects by individuals or groups who have shown courage, energy and resourcefulness in using the internet to promote freedom of expression, making us aware of diverse political viewpoints and standing up to those who censor information,” Google said.