India's Mars expedition searches the red planet for cheap IT staff

The search for non-linear business models amongst the India IT services community has proved too much and forced the nation’s huge IT services industry to remain in its comfort zone and look for low cost staff.

Well I say comfort zone but that is probably unfair as it involves travelling over 225 million kilometers from earth.

Indian IT companies have been criticised for being just about low cost labour. Critics say the success of Indian IT giants is just down to cheap labour undercutting western competitors. But just as it seemed the Indian companies were doing much more with value add services providing new business models, thus disconnecting the link between more and more full time equivalents, they have reverted to type.

Downtime can reveal that rather than continue on the road to non-linear business models IT India has decided that the search for intelligent life in other parts of the universe could be the answer to revenue growth. The strategy was driven after planets, known as Exoplanets that could support life, were recently discovered beyond our solar system.

Like in the late 90s when the big Western IT services players overlooked the opportunities of the Millemium Bug, allowing the Indian firms to set up camp in the West, they face being beaten to the untapped labour pools of Mars and beyond. The years of space exploration by the US has made it so focused on science that it has not thought about the business opportunites the red planet, and other yet to be discovered planets, offer.

It is hoped that once intelligent life is found on another planet, an internet link can be set up with off-planet IT services available for next to nothing. The benefits don’t end there. Labour laws are expected to be less progressive than on-planet equivalents and the 687 day Martian year also guarantees corporates more for their money.

Communication problems will be overcome by the Babel Fish and the inter-galactic transfer (IGT)  will replace the intra-company transfer (ICT) for staff to be transported to work onsite on earth.

NASscomm does have a familiar ring to it.