ITV admits viewers won the battle, but plots to win war

ITV revealed last week that it had invested in the vanguard of television advertising.

In the heady future, ITV will be able to embed advertising into television shows, getting round the problem of pesky viewers channel-hopping to avoid being bombarded with advertising.

Simon Fell, head of future technology at ITV, told The Times, “We are trialling it online, where it is a manageable area and allows us to get feedback from both advertisers and viewers. It gives us another tool in the arsenal, and it is subtle.”

ITV must make money somehow, and it would be churlish to be too critical, but it would seem unwise to talk about the new technology as adding to the “arsenal”.

Viewers might feel understandably aggrieved when Fell, or perhaps ITV’s head of present technology, eventually fires the new advertising bombs into their homes. They might decide to cut off his supply lines.