How will we look in 100,000 years time?


Images of how humans will look in 100,000 years’ time have been produced by artist Nickolay Lamm and Computational Genomics PhD Dr. Alan Kwan.

According to Mashable, Lamm’s interpretations of future humans will have larger foreheads and eyes to facilitate a larger brain to store information.

Lamm suggests that within 20,000 years we will be wearing a Communications Lens (update of Google Glass) in our eyes which will produce a yellow ring around our iris, and hence making us look like aliens.

He also suggests that within 60,000 years we will have bone-conduction devices implanted above our ears to work with the Google Lens.

And there’s me thinking that within the next ten years babies would be born and have a smartphone-style microchip instantly implanted so the world’s governments can have full access to our thoughts and actions.